Jenna Laird

sn't it funny how things have a way of popping up right when you need it the most? Yoga knocked on Jenna's door.  She answered.  It was love at first savanna. 

This love fest began fter Jenna transplan to olumbus + she has been smitten ever sinc.  er love of yoga grew so big that she felt compelled to share it with others. And, that's just what she's doing.

Through mindfulness, Jenna sets intention + strives for her students to feel a sense of balance, guidance, + self discovery. Jenna encourages her students meet themselves where they ar an honor whatever pops up in their practic.  

What is one thing Jenna tells her students? 

When we show up on the mat, we don't just show up for ourselves. We show up to share and accept the energy, breath, and hearts with those around us. Through this practice, we allow ourselves to become vulnerable and intimate. In those moments, we are alone yet together.  By sharing our energy, we find peace, acceptance, and worthiness from within.  

Expect to create movements by allowing your breath to be your guide. Don't be surprised if you leave class with a little [hip] hop in your step!

Aside from yoga, Jenna loves  strong iced coffee. It's her guilty pleasure.